Intumescent or Not?


Many specifiers will be aware that a number of building hardware products for fire-resisting doors and doorsets are mandatory if the hardware is tested to a harmonised standard, such as single axis hinges, controlled door closers, emergency & panic exit devices, electrically powered hold open devices, electro-mechanical operated locks, mechanical locks and latches.

However, when fitting other products to fire doors for which there is no harmonised specification and which cannot bear the CE mark, such as a digital locks, electro-magnetic locks etc., it is also important to remember when you are removing material from the door then this can affect the integrity of the door and therefore it is important to ensure that intumescent is fitted when necessary. The manufacturer / specifier must still demonstrate that such a product can satisfy the essential requirements and demonstrate that health and safety legislation has been met.

What is also becoming important is that hardware may have to be fire tested from both sides of the door, as the reaction to the fire can change, depending on whether the product is fitted on the safe or fire side.

A number of specifiers and contractors will ask for fire test evidence and if an intumescent pack is required, however there are still a large number who do not fit any intumescent. Securefast are very conscious of ensuring that product is fitted correctly and as per fire test evidence. They have Declaration of Performance certificates for all their fire rated products and also supply an intumescent pack where required, with information available to download from the company website.

The Securefast range of face to face fixed electro-magnetic locks have been fire rated for 30 and 60 mins on timber doors, are supplied with an intumescent sleeve for the armature plate bolt which is fixed through the door and are performance tested to TS010.

The AL900 electric release is fire rated for 30 min timber doors, can be supplied with an intumescent pack and performance tested to EN14846.

Securefast also offer their range of mechanical digital locks with the appropriate intumescent fitted to the product ready for fitting to the door for 30 & 60 min timber doors and also performance tested to EN12209.


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