Twisted Pairs

Ideal for longer runs, such as CCTV and access control systems.

Twisted Pair Data Cable


Core:   16 x 0.2mm2 or 24 x 0.2mm
 Resistance: 22.9 Ohms/Km or 34.3 Ohms/Km
AWG: 18 or 20
Current: 3 Amp or 2 Amp
Max Voltage: 50V
Operating Temp: 70oC
Screening: Aluminium / Pet Foil
Drain Wire: Soft Tinned Copper
Standard Cable Sheath – PVC Cores – PVC


Key Information

Optimal for installations requiring longer lengths of cabling such as access control and CCTV, our Twisted Pair Data Cable range is an integral part of security solutions across the world.

Constructed from tinned copper sheathed in standard PVC, each pair of cable is screened in an aluminium foil wrap.


All CQR cables are tested and certified to:

EN50575:2014 – CPR 305/2011.
Twisted Pair Data Cable sheathed in PVC is Type 2.


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