Renowned for their impressive range of mechanical locking products, Securefast represents a premium range of locking solutions for medium traffic environments.

A History of Excellence.

A powerful force in the Access Control and Mechanical Locking industries, Securefast can trace their roots back to the founding of padlock manufacturer Enoch Pinson Ltd in 1876, a business which formed part of Security Engineering Ltd (Later becoming Securefast). In the years following, Securefast would cement themselves as a significant name in the mechanical hardware and access control markets.

Experts In Mechanical Locking.

Our Securefast range of mechanical locks are the optimal solution for medium traffic areas, providing a convenient and simple alternative to more complex systems. This means that they can secure lower-security areas such as locker rooms, storage areas and similar environments which require restrictions on casual access.



Our enthusiastic team have decades of industry experience, contact them today for world-class support.

Trusted Across Industries.

As a testament to their quality, Securefast products can be found in a wide range of sectors. From healthcare and government buildings to hotels, residences and leisure facilities, the versatile Securefast range has been implemented in a range of different environments.

With a history of expert design, Securefast’s team have established themselves as key players in all aspects of Access Control and Mechanical Locking. Now, following their merger with CQR, they are an integral of our product range with their mechanical solutions.

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