Hold Open Magnets

Used in conjunction with any suitable fire alarm system to hold open fire doors.

Hold-Open Electro-Magnets

A range of hold open electro-magnets are available which have either a plastic or metal housings, can be flush or wall mounted with some models floor mounted, which provides the perfect complement to a technically and aesthetically advanced range of fire and smoke check door products.

The range also includes the Agrippa sound actuated fire door holder which is powered by two “C” cell batteries and completely wire-free. The product reacts to the specific sound of the building’s fire alarm. The magnetic fire door holder can be fitted as a safe and legal method of holding a fire door open to ease accessibility and increase ventilation. If the fire alarm sounds, the device will automatically close the fire door to protect the building and people in it, in the event of a fire. The devices will not hold the door open if the batteries run out of power.

Similar to the Agrippa is the DoorSense Acoustic Door Holder which gives a floor mounted solution.