About Us

The safety and security of buildings is paramount. We exist to protect, every person, every place, everywhere.

In 2023, the CQR brand and product platform verticals have undergone significant evolution. 

OSL Group acquired Securefast PLC; a well-known name in the Access Control, Locking and Security markets, in 2022. Following this, a merger was initiated from 2022-23 to combine the two businesses.

This similarity in product offering was mirrored by a comparable ethos within the businesses; a commitment to supporting customers with expert insight, world-class products and an uncompromising focus on delivering the highest standards of security equipment.

Securefast predominantly consisted of two brands;


An established name in the Access Control industry, Deedlock comprises of a market-leading range of electromagnetic locks and electric releases, as well as numerous other Access Control essentials.

Deedlock products can be found in leading healthcare, government and defence buildings, ensuring the maximum levels of control in the highest security environments.


Known for their mechanical hardware range, Securefast has been a trusted brand in architectural ironmongery, door manufacturing and related industries for decades.

Encompassing panic hardware, mechanical digital locks and similar locking systems, Securefast products provide a dependable range of high performance products used across high-traffic environments in healthcare, education and comparable sectors.

Here’s Our Journey to The Rebrand:


A brand synonymous with Access Control products, known throughout industry  for their market leading specifier range of Electro-Magnetic Locks and Electric Releases. A brand clearly visible in our leading healthcare, government and defence buildings, Deedlock products are essential for ensuring dependability for high traffic and high security environments.


Mechanical hardware is the core strength of the Securefast brand, a trusted name heavily present within architectural ironmongery and door manufacturing. This product portfolio of panic hardware, mechanical digital locks and locking systems provides a dependable range of high-performance products used across high traffic environments in healthcare, education, and government buildings.


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