Management System inc. Reader/Writer, Hand-held Unit and Software


  • Data cards are used to transfer data from the software to the lock and from the lock back to the software and are supplied with the Management System ASL952
  • Set up could be either via a Data Card or hand held programme terminal
  • 5000+ door units can be on the system
  • Up to 200 user cards per system
  • Programming a Room Card will delete the previously programmed Room Card when used in the lock.
  • 400 event lock trail
  • ISO printable or pre-printed cards
  • Cards can be used for multiple sites and multiple applications
  • Door controllers for electric locking have up to four readers for two doors
  • Lift controller for up to eight floors per controller expandable to four controllers in total. 
  • Interfaces with leading branded PMS systems.
  • The RFID technology offers an easy to use and secure access solution ideal for small and large installations.