Motor Lock Case 12V DC/12-24V DC Fail Locked 65mm Backset

SKU: ABY-EL520-65

  • Used with a pull handle outside, inside handle or handle and pull: door can be opened by pushing or pulling when the electrical control is on (e.g. timer, reader, push button). Inside handle opens the lock always.
  • Ideal for entrance doors, corridor doors, high traffic exit doors and access-controlled doors. Can be used on doors with door automatics
  • Deadbolt is withdrawn by motor and thrown by spring force
  • Deadbolt and anti-friction bolt are both deadlocked when door closes
  • Anti-friction bolt is freed when deadbolt withdrawn by motor
  • Easily reversible trigger bolt for all hands of door
  • In the event of power failure deadbolt is automatically thrown, released by mechanical override
  • Meets EN179 and EN1125 for emergency and panic exit doors and EN1634-1 for fire resistance (when used with correct exit hardware)
  • Tested to draft standards for burglary prEN1627 and mechanical resistance EN12209 Control switches
  • Continuous – bolt remains in open position as long as circuit is closed
  • Momentary – bolt deadlocks after a delay of 2-15 secs (adjustable)
  • Monitoring for Request to Exit, Bolt position, Door position and Cylinder operation

NOTE Please add 10mm to the case depth to allow for cable socket and plug