Protecting built environments in over 60+ countries worldwide.


Our premium range of sounders, magnetic contacts, cable and other ancillary products designed to complete your security system.


Access Control

The Deedlock range of access control products are designed to provide optimal security within built environments.



Reliable cable, power supply and transformer solutions, designed to keep your systems online when it matters most.


Mechanical Hardware

The Securefast mechanical locking range builds on their historic locking product range, providing ideal solutions for medium traffic areas.



Dependable call points, detectors and fire panels, designed to perform when you need them the most.


Empowering the potential of a safe & secure world

We’ve been the definitive name in our industry for decades, with a rich heritage earnt through an uncompromising dedication to our customers. This reputation, backed up by reliable products and an expert team, has seen CQR products become the equipment of choice for installers and businesses around the world.

When it matters most, people choose CQR.

From access control to fire, we manufacture and supply essential components of critical safety and security systems, designed to protect users in even the most challenging circumstances.

Our products are designed, built and tested to the highest possible standards, giving our customers a system they can rely on.

Looking to the future, we’re determined to push boundaries across our industry, continuously developing and improving without losing sight of our fundamental values; Safety, Security and Standards.


Our enthusiastic team have decades of industry experience, contact them today for world-class support.

Our Solutions

We provide a range of different products to protect critical infrastructure and environments in sectors across the world.  Our safety and security products empower individuals and organisations alike with the knowledge that they’re protected by a system to rely on.

Our products are found in vital security systems across the world, forming the backbone of systems in:

  • Commercial and Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Banking and Financial
  • Government
  • Hotel and Leisure
  • Healthcare

With over 40 years of heritage in our industry, we provide products designed to meet the unique challenges of these sectors; recognising the importance of their roles in our society and working to protect those who live and work within their environments.

Our Global Brands

Stay Informed, Stay Safe.

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