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CQR Security Ltd has for over 30 years been dedicated to designing, developing, producing and supplying quality products. These all meet with the latest requirements set out by the EN50131 standards to grades 1, 2 & 3.

Our goals are to exceed customers’ expectations for quality, cost, performance and reliability. These goals are achieved through our dedication to service and by the operation of a quality system that satisfies the requirements of ISO: 9001:2015 for which we are accredited.

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CQR offer the market leading range of magnetic door contacts. Our multi EOL resistor technology allows the installer to stock one contact but service all the major intruder systems. To give you total confidence in our products many of our contacts are 3rd party tested to EN50131. Our range includes Flush, Surface and heavy duty roller shutter contacts in grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3.
The majority of the cost of an intruder alarm system is in the installation rather than the equipment so it is vital that the highest quality cable is used to ensure system integrity. All CQR’s security cable is manufactured in the UK and is renowned for its superior quality. Our range of cable includes both real copper cable and CCA cable.
CQR Firebrand offer a one stop shop for all your conventional, addressable and radio fire needs. The Firebrand range of panels, detectors, sounders and call points are designed with ease of installation in mind but at a very competitive price.
CQR offer a range of innovative and exciting external sounders, suitable for commercial or residential installations that meet the new Grade 3 requirements of PD6662. All CQR external sounder covers are free of charge. We also have a range of internal sounders and speakers including the new 115dB Alto combi sounder speaker.
CQR offer the market leading range of hold up devices. From our best selling manual PADP2 range, to the brand new EPA-NG PD6662:2010 compliant electronic panic button you can count on the quality of CQR’s products.
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CQR offer both traditional leaf spring tampered junction boxes as well as microswitch tampered products for use in graded applications. We also offer weatherproof junction boxes and a range of door loops. All our products have CQR quality built in.
CQR offer a range of energy efficient switch mode power supplies. Switch mode power supplies are cheaper to run, smaller and cooler than traditional linear power supplies. In addition because, unlike a linear power supply, they do not have a large transformer a 1 amp PSU will actually output 1 amp of power.