Filter by External Sounder Range

External Sounders are an effective visual and audible deterrent against intruders.  CQR offer a range of innovative and fully approved solutions for commercial and domestic property.

Intra – A fully functional sounder and strobe in miniature form that can be used internally or externally. The Intra contains a 6V rechargeable battery for SAB operation and a 20 minute failsafe timer.

Multibox – Available in two versions, standard and plus, to which you can add one of eight individually shaped covers to meet your requirements. The sounder base unit is housed in a 3mm poly-carbonate case and has a 1.5mm inner cover to protect the electronics, battery and strobe.

Senza – These warning devices feature one piezo and one LED strobe for audible and visual indication of an alarm activation.  Each model includes the latest innovation in electronics and incorporates a lithium Ion battery for better reliability, each  of the wired versions incorporates a smart charging circuit to optimise the battery capability and battery life.


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