Standalone Systems

The Deedlock range of standalone systems allows you to manage door entry and exit with an independent solution ranging from keypads and proximity readers to special needs equipment solutions to hotel locking.
A large encompassing range of products suitable for both commercial and domestic usage.

Home Security

Home security products offer simple installation of doorbell and camera systems for domestic dwellings operated via our application software for viewing on a mobile device.

  • Range includes video doorbells, internal and external cameras and universal door entry kits
  • Two-way communication via mobile applications
  • PIR motion detection
  • Infa-Red night time vision
  • Simple plug and system solutions for domestic installations
Home Security **

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Wireless Locking

Lock sets are locking systems which use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) typically used in locations such as hotels and office spaces which are battery operated and can be stand-alone or networked, which allows door entry via a proximity fob or card to guests.

  • Available as in-door with the electronics morticed into the door
  • Available as on-door with the electronics surface mounted in the lock set
  • Available with Bluetooth integration and mobile app
  • Stainless steel finish as standard
  • Uses 4 X AA batteries with low battery warning for easy system management
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Special Needs Equipment

A dedicated range of equipment for the RADAR™ system which allows users to enter toilets freely with the option of connection to an electronic door opener.

  • Fully locks from the inside for user privacy
  • External indicator for when the door is locked
  • Kit includes indicator lights, electronic lock, internal controller and RADAR™ key
  • Toilet alarm system includes control panel, pull cord, indicator and alarm panel
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Door Entry Systems

  • 1 way video door entry system with monitor and application connectivity
  • Remotely view and release up to 2 X locking devices such as an electric release or mag locks
  •  PIR motion detection with IP65 rated door station
  • Ideal for small commercial or domestic dwellings
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