Mini Hands-free Colour Monitor

SKU: F6721W

  • Wall-mounted hands-free monitor with full-duplex audio
  • 4.3″ / 16:9 colour screen.
  • Allows brightness control, plus adjustment of the ringtone volume, which can be customised by choosing one of several different melodies.
  • Equipped as standard with 5 sensitive touch back-lit controls for audio activation, door-opening, self-ignition, switchboard call, privacy service and LED signalling for the door status.
  • Manages floor door calls as standard.
  • Option of adding 3 additional buttons with accessory F6734W.
  • Complete with 2 x 8-position DIP-SWITCH for user code programming and button programming.
  • The wall-mounting or residential series box backplate and riser distribution terminal F1214/2C are included.
  • Dimensions: H115 x W160 x D22mm.

NOTE: The monitor can only be used in 2-wire Simplebus2 systems.