TRIMEC Surface Mount Heavy Duty Hook Lock – Monitored – 12/24V DC (Fail Unlocked)


  • Power to Open or Power to Lock versions available
  • Side Load (Pre-Load) Capable: Operates freely with up to 300 kg of side pressure
  • Self Latching: Will self latch without power for fire applications
  • 680kg holding force
  • Robust Construction: Stainless steel components used
  • Low Profile: Will protrude only 40mm into door headroom
  • Multi Voltage: Automatic selection 12 to 30V DC with back EMF protection and reverse polarity protection
  • Multi Orientation: Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Low Current Consumption 12VDC- 250mA after 1 sec.(initial current 830mA)
  • Low Current Consumption 24VDC- 140mA after 1 sec.(initial current 530mA)