ALPRO Slimline Deadlocking Bolt with Key Override – 12/24V DC, Fail Unlocked, Dual Monitored


  • Fail unlocked
  • Key override
  • Ultra-slim design enables fixing into very narrow sections whilst an advanced microprocessor module provides power reduction allowing for continuous operation without heat generation as well as automatic voltage regulation
  • Dual monitoring
  • Holding force 1,000kg – automatic deadlocking
  • Bolt throw 16mm
  • Used on single or double action, hinged or sliding door in timber or metal doors
  • Can be mounted vertical or horizontal.
  • All Stainless Steel bolt of 12.7mm diameter, linkages and springs.
  • 3mm stainless steel faceplate and strike plates with fully enclosed mechanism.
  • Selectable unlock period – a field selector timer once the bolt is signalled to unlock. This enables traffic exiting 0, 3, 6 or 9 seconds in which to open the door before it automatically relocks.
  • Multiple auto relock function – when relocking the bolt makes 9 locking attempts over 18 seconds. Change in the Bolt Position Switch status indicates that the door has been locked. Fail open models only.
  • Multiple unlock – in fail secure mode 5 attempts to unlock door at 2 second intervals.
  • Anti-Tailgate – once the door has been pushed open and closed during the chosen unlock period, the bolt will immediately relock.