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FAQ’s Detection

A selection of Frequently Asked Questions relating to Detection Products. Click on the questions to find the answers.

Do your contacts meet the PD6662 or EN50131 standard?

Yes, at CQR we endeavour to meet all of the necessary standards. Each contact has a security grade and environmental class listed.

Is the alignment on a roller shutter critical?

Because of roller shutter movement and the areas associated with roller shutters, these contacts have a greater tolerance to movement through normal use. Roller shutters rarely close in the same position. It is vital to minimise this variable movement to ensure contact reliability

Can the RS002 come with a longer connection?

Yes the standard is 0.5 metre but a 1 metre length is available.

Do we do ‘inverted’ contacts?

Yes, we now have the SC517/WH/NO

Why are there no instructions with my contact?

Contacts are simple devices and are sold by the 1000s’ mainly to the security industry. In order to keep costs low for the industry the provision of an instruction leaflet is omitted as most of the installers do not require them.

How do I wire a terminal contact?

For a normal alarm connection the two silver coloured screws provide the reed switch connection (i.e. one of the zone terminals connects to one of the silver screws and the other silver screw connects to the other zone terminal). The brass coloured screws are used for tamper connections.

How do I wire a pre-wired contact?

For a normal alarm connection two of the wires (usually stripped) are used for the connection to the zone and two remaining wires are used for the tamper connection.