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The CQR range of shock sensors use innovative mass inertia technology. This avoids many of the problems associated with more traditional piezo based solutions.


Shock Sensors


Mass Inertia Shock Sensors

What are they ?

Shock sensors are devices designed to respond to shock waves within the material they are mounted onto. Once the shock level threshold has been breached the device wil create an alarm condition.  Typically they are used in security applications but can also be used for sensing unwanted movement in an object, for example in shipping containers or ATM machines or Gaming machines.


The CQR mass inertia technology sensor use the weight of a mass to maintain an electrical circuit in the closed state. The CQR “crowbar” technology does not respond to shocks below a certain level which  means that low level nuisance vibrations are ignored creating a very reliable method of detecting positive alarm events. This reliable technology is then matched to a signal analyser which interprets the signal and decides if an alarm condition exists. The analyser is has a powerful processor to interpret signals from the sensors and can be set up for a variety of materials.


The CQR Shock Sensor is  designed to give a warning when a forced entry is in progress not after an intruder has gained access to the building. Unlike most modern alarm systems that work on the principle of  PIR detection that will only detect an intruder once they have gained access to the building. This is vital to preserve the integrity of the building and contents.

Mass inertia Shock Sensor can be used on virtually any permanent building material, the applications are practically unlimited. The most common materials that the devices are used on include; Windows and doors constructed from  both UPVC and wood, masonary including , brick, block and concrete.  They can also be used on metals such as metal sheet roofing, steel sheeting, load bearing steelworks such as beams and girders.

Some of the common applications :

  • Domestic  and Commercal Windows and Doors
  • Cash dispensers (ATM)
  • Glass windows
  • Cash and valuable storage facilities
  • Strong rooms
  • Self storage units
  • Shipping containers
  • Gaming machines