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Fire Detector Bases

These detector bases are for use with the CQR Firebrand range of fire detectors.  They can be wired to any conventional fire system or to any CQR Firebrand addressable system.

The superior design allows fitment to any flat surface, or it can be mounted on a multitude of conduit junction boxes.  They are fully compliant with CPR when used in conjunction with the CQR Firebrand range of detectors.

Plastic Material: ABS
Contact Materials:
Non Ferrous, zinc plated
Steel, zinc plated
Spacing Distance:
11mm Standard, 30mm  Deep
Fixings Centre:
Slotted 50mm – 88mm
56g Standard, 73g Deep
Compatible with:
CQR Detectors Only
Ordering Codes – Bases
FI/CQR774912   Standard fire detector base – pack off 10
FI/CQR884912   Deep fire detector base – pack of 10
Ordering Codes – Detectors
FI/CQR323-2L   Conventional – Heat detector
FI/CQR338-2HL   Conventional – Smoke & Heat detector
FI/CQR338-2L   Conventional – Optical smoke detector
FI/CQR358D-H-LED   Addressable – Heat detector
FI/CQR358D-SH-LED   Addressable -Smoke & heat detector
FI/CQR358S-S-LED  Addressable -Optical smoke detector