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Firebrand CPD/CPR

From the 1st July 2013, the Construction Product Directive (known as CPD) which started back in 1988 becomes a fully fledged European Regulation. This means that all Fire Safety Equipment brought to the market throughout Europe must conform to the Construction Product Regulation.

What is Construction Product Regulation?

The Construction Product Regulation (previously known as CPD):

  1. is an agreed system of attestation of conformity for each product family, manufacturers have to ensure their product meets the required applicable European Standards.
  2. requires that all products are third party tested, manufacturers have to arrange for products to be tested by independently approved test bodies.
  3. requires that all products are CE marked for declaration and a requirement for pan European trading. Conformité Européene’ – denotes that a product has met the health, safety and environmental requirements of the EU.
  4.  is a system of harmonized technical specifications ensuring products are compatible throughout Europe.

So Why CPR?

The CPR goal is to ensure the free movement of all construction products (including Fire Safety Products) within the European Union by harmonizing each countries national law with respect to the essential requirements applicable to these products in terms of health and safety. Because all fire products have to be third party tested and declared fit for purpose by the manufacturers the end users can take assurance that products are fit for purpose and suitable for installations within European Union. Any equipment brought to market in Europe must be CE marked and each product must have a Declaration of Performance available from the manufacturer. CE marking is mandatory for EU trading. Declarations of Performance are available for all FireBrand products for which CQR ensure the conformity of that product with its declared performance. All CQR FireBrand fire products are CPR approved. The selling of non CE / CPR approved products within Europe is not permitted and unlawful. This basically means any product that has not undergone third party testing cannot be sold in Europe. Any companies doing so will be operating outside of the law.

CPD Certificates.

It should be noted, that CPD certificates do not become obsolete as of 1st July. Any new products, however, will be tested and issued with CPR certificates and any existing products, which previously held a CPD certificate, will be classed as CPR compliant. When these products next go through the normal approval process, they will then be issued with CPR certificates.