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Firebrand Conventional Manual Call Point

The FireBrand FP3 is a unique conventional manual call point, with high visibility LED, and which includes both frangible and resettable windows. It also offers user friendly selection of the monitoring resistors, 470 and 680ohms and normally open contact. A CPR approved liftup cover is also available.

FP3 Conventional Manual Call Point

  • Compatible with Firebrand panels
  • Resettable (plastic) or non-resettable (Glass) windows
  • Bright LED activation
  • CPR approved lift up cover available
  • CPR Certified
  • EN54-11 Approved
FP3/RD   Conventional FP3 Manual Call Point
FP3/COVER   Clear cover for FP3
FP3/GLASS   Replacement Glass for FP3
FP3/KEY   Replacement Key for FP3