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FI-C Firebrand Conventional Fire Panel

The Firebrand range of conventional fire panels features three models with 2, 4 and 8 zones. Housed in a stylish modern ABS housing, the conventional fire panel is ideal for small to medium size installations.

CQR Firebrand Conventional
  • Two, four and eight zone non-expandable control panels.
  • Up to 32 conventional smoke and/or heat detectors per zone.
  • Active End of Line monitoring
  • Programmable non-latching zones
  • Delay timer programmable on/off per zone
  • Zone coincidence programmable for adjacent zones.
  • Two Access Levels
  • One man test
  • Supervised auxiliary 24 volt output
  • 2 supervised/ monitored sounder circuits
  • 2 programmable inputs for Class change, Day / Night operation, remote silence, remote reset etc.
  • 2 Relay outputs fire and fault
  • Power supply 1,7A at 28Vdc nominal (max)
  • Fully EN54 part 2 and 4 compliant
  • CPR Certified
  • EN54 part 2 & 4 Approved
FI/PN/C/2 2  Zone Conventional Panel FireBrand
FI/PN/C/4 4  Zone Conventional Panel FireBrand
FI/PN/C/8 8  Zone Conventional Panel FireBrand