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Firebrand Conventional Base Sounders

The FireBrand range of electronic conventional base sounders are low consumption devices and are designed to be used as an unobtrusive low profile sounder or as a base sounder to be installed in conjunction with a detector.  The range consists of sounder, beacon and sounder/beacon.  Available in red, white or clear.

CQR Firebrand Conventional

Conventional Base Sounders

  • Base sounder
  • Base sounder / Beacon
  • Low power consumption
  • Used as low profile or with a detector
  • Available in red, white or clear
  • CPR Certified
  • EN54-3 Approved
FI/SO/C/B/WH   Conventional Base Sounder White
FI/SO/C/B/RD   Conventional Base Sounder Red
FI/SB/C/B/BE/CL  Conventional Base Sounder / Beacon Clear
FI/SB/C/B/BE/RD   Conventional Base Sounder / Beacon Red
FI/SB/C/B/BE/WH   Conventional Base Sounder / Beacon White
CQR Firebrand Conventional
CQR Firebrand Conventional
CQR Firebrand Conventional