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FireBrand Addressable Fire Accessories




Addressable Loop Card

This board allows the expansion of Junior V4 addressable panel with one loop to a two loop panel without the need of additional configurations or connections.  • Upgrade single loop panel to two loops  • 125 device capability  •  32 programmable sounder addresses per loop    • Up to 96 base sounders


RS232 To RS422 Converter


Interface the FireBrand Network panel to a PC with this handy converter.Used at a PC to convert the RS485 signal levels to RS232 when connecting FireBrand Network Panel to the Odyssey software using this interconnection technology method. The unit is port powered and no external power is required.


Addressable Odyssey Software


The Odyssey Graphics Display and Alarm Management System allow the connection of up to 64 FireBrand Network Panels to a PC. Each panel can be displayed on the screen as if the operator were standing in front of the control panel and can be fully controlled from the computer.