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Network Main Connector Board with 1 Loop Sub Panel

The introduction of the FI/PN/AC/NET-CONbrings in a new level of flexibility and competitiveness to our customers. By including a single loop sub-panel in the board, we were able to pack four loops into our standard box.The new range of self contained panels covers all variants in steps of 1 from 1 loop to 13 loop.

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Network Sub Panel

A sub-panel board that controls up to three analogue addressable detection loops via its own independent processor. In the event of communication failure with the main control panel, the sub panel is capable of operating independently, detecting Fire & Fault events and activating its own sounders, relays and I/O devices.

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RS485 Data Interface

The FI/AC/A/NETCD interface module allows the FireBrand range of panels to be interfaced to repeaters and/or subpanels using a 4-core data communication cable suitable for RS422/RS485 data transmission using a common data communication loop in a ring topology. These units can also use a double-redundant data communication loop for extra security and reliability when used in conjunction with a FireBrand Network or Addressable main panel by creating a bi-directional communication flow.

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The FireBrand NETQUART is a communication chip for the FireBrand Network Panel.The chip should be installed on to the Network panel main board when the panel is fitted with an internal printer and / or to an external printer or the Odyssey Software. This Chip is also required when connecting to third party BMS systems or MODBUS via one of FireBrands NETADCOMS interface boards.


Interface the FireBrand Network panel to a PC with this handy converter and have the ability to use an external printer.

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Internal Printer for FireBrand Network Panel

• Easy installation and maintenance    • Sleek low-profile housing   • SMD circuit board design  • High quality and reliability guaranteed

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