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What can I do with a GSM Controller?

The three most popular uses of a GSM Controller are:

  1.  Control remote devices to operate access controlled doors or gates.
  2.  Create and send SMS alerts to multiple users
  3.  Alarm Notifications. A suitable output from an alarm system can be connected to GSM Controller to send customised alarm messages.

How do they operate?

GSM controllers utilise the GSM networks to send ‘programmed’ SMS messages. The SMS messages are sent upon the activation of a input. Outputs on the device can be controlled remotely when the device receives the correct instruction sent via a SMS message from a user.

Is this secure?

The devices only respond to users who have the correct ‘code’ embedded in the SMS message. The code is programmable by the user.

How many users can control the output(s)?

Controlling the output via SMS message is unlimited so long as the user has the relevant code embedded into the message.