CQR offer a suite of GSM communicators that can be connected to any peripheral device such as an intruder alarm, fire control panel, freezer monitor, CCTV equipment or access control equipment etc. On applying a signal to the communicator’s inputs the device will send a customised SMS text message to each of the telephone numbers that are stored. Each device offers different programming options to suit the installation requirements and control of outputs is possible via SMS messages.

Features FW/GD04 FW/GD05 FW/GD06
Inputs 4 5 6
Outputs 2 x Relay 250v 0.5A 1 x Relay 250v 1A 1 x Relay 250v 2A
SMS Message Delivery 4 Activated & 4 Restore 5 Activated & 5 Restore 5 Activated & 5 Restore
Call Alert Delivery Yes Yes Yes
Telephone Numbers 8 (per input) 5 8
SMS Relay Control Yes Yes Yes
Programmable via Web Yes No Yes
Programmable via USB Yes Yes No
Programmable via SMS Yes Yes Yes


GD04 Communicator

The GD04 is a GSM Communicator designed for use with any system to provide wireless communication to the system. The ability to switch terminals on or off means for example, the unit can be used to switch interior lights on or off via sms text message provided the system is set up to do so.

GD004 communicator


  • A switch with SMS remote control. SMS texts for switching particular terminals on/off
  • A time-switch which can be activated remotely via a mobile phone
  • A relay with dialling-in remote control. Up to 50 telephone numbers can be authorised for each relay
  • A relay with validity-linited dialling-in remote control
  • An SMS reporter

GD05 Communicator

The CQR GD-05 GSM controller is a microprocessor controlled device capable of sending SMS alerts and automatically calling up to five telephones via the GSM900/ 1800/ 1900 networks when activated from the onboard inputs:

Operating Voltage 10 – 24V AC or DC

GD005 Communicator


  • 5 Inputs – 4 x Low level inputs triggered by 0V / GND
  • 1 x High level input triggered by +VE
  • 1 Output rated at 1A

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