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Construction Products Regulation (CPR)


The Construction product regulation (CPR) for cables is coming to the Security Industry.  This will be a mandatory requirement for any fixed installation cable where it is to be used in the construction or fabric of a building. The regulation will introduce a CE mark to allow free movement of goods in the EU ensuring consistent quality.


What is CPR?
CPR Stands for Construction Products Regulation. These are rules implemented by the European Commission. CPR rules call for products, now including cables, to be tested and certified based on certain criteria before they are used in European buildings. There are six requirements (Euro class) which products may be assessed. Wire and Cable is covered by the 2nd requirement that addresses Safety in the case of fire.



Key dates

  • The Date of Applicability (DoA) of the CPR is 1st July 2016. Until that date it is not permitted to CE mark cables to the CPR.
  • There will a transition period of 1 year, so transition will end on 1st July 2017.
  • From the 1st July 2017 it will be obligatory for the CPR requirements to be followed



Which cables are involved in CPR?

All power, control and communication cables that are installed in fixed installations in buildings and other civil engineering works.

From the 1st July 2017, all fixed installation cable put onto the market in the EU for the construction market, will require the manufacturer to prepare and have available a declaration of performance (DOP) to a declared Euro class levels of performance.



What is a Declaration of Performance?

A Declaration of Performance expresses the performance of construction product, and from July 2017 includes cables. It identifies the product, its intended use and its essential characteristics.

A declaration of Performance requires the manufacturer, importer or distributor to assume legal responsibility for the conformity of the construction product with its declared performance.

This level of performance will have to be 3rd party tested and approved by an authorised Notified Body. CQR will create the DOP based on the results obtained from the Notified body DOP CQR will then be able to, and must, add a CE mark to the packaging, which will contain more information that just the “CE”

  • Notified body number
  • Manufacturer’s details
  • Intended use
  • Reaction to fire
  • EN standard
  • Unique identification code



CQR Fire and Security have a compliance team who will ensure all the products we supply will comply with the CPR requirements by 1st July 2017.