Case Study

Healthcare Case Study – The Devereux Primary Care Centre

Product: Mechanical Digital Locks

Location: Tewksbury

The Devereux Primary Care Centre based in Tewksbury is a multipurpose facility that not only does it cater to medical care of patients but also offers professions with meeting and conference rooms. Well situated and easy walking distance from the High Street, it has been eagerly awaited by many. Now open, it welcomes countless patients and visitors.

The Care Centre wanted the building to be more than a large GP surgery but also a building that would have the capacity to house as many health and health-related facilities as possible for the people of the Tewkesbury area with a pharmacy on the ground floor and a minor operations suite on the first floor as well as private rooms offering facilities for a wide range of services.

For easy of movement around the building for staff but to also offer a level of privacy, the internal doors were fitted with SBL365 mechanical digital locks to storage cupboards, meeting and treatment rooms. The mechanical digital locks were chosen as they are heavy duty, fire rated and offer a lever handle to easy of operation. On the treatment rooms the SBL365 was used with an escape lock so the doors can be lock from the inside if required but still maintained a single action of the lever handle to vacate the room. On the cupboards the SBL365 was fitted with its tubular latch.